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In which weakness is exposed

Play This (Pour Some Sugar on Me)

I hit shuffle on my music box as I run out the door and on comes this song, which I don’t quite ever recall loading. It reminds me of a cross country meet in High School, maybe upstate New York, maybe not, perhaps in the winter, but I want to think it was hot. So long ago, that the I have to use my narrative licence to make things up. We, a team of girls in our red track suits run with a Boom Box to cheer on the male track team blasting their chosen song as they run by in sweaty packs “Pour Some Sugar on Me” wails away. But back to here and now. I’m jazzed happy, on some kind of high. To be under this blue prism sky, sticking my tongue out at the children creeping home from school as I run by, watching them crack up. Then, the catch, somewhere around 12 minutes my knee starts speaking in a voice that’s all sorts of sharp.

I nearly limp home, but I stop at the play ground to do some pull ups. Hanging on the bar, I reach for pull ups that never come because all the muscles from my arms have somehow been eaten away by cloned canine olfactory receptor genes and sketchy human-e. coli hybrids that live in the labs I’ve learned from in the past three months or so. I settle for some core engagement instead.

In my life I don’t recall one time where I could not physically manage to perform one pull up (could do 8+ in multiple sets only a few months ago) but mark this, I have met that day, and do not intend to live in it.