A prime is any real number which can only be divided by one or itself. Prime numbers are considered the building blocks of all other numbers since any whole composite number can be factored by primes. As a rule Prime numbers are always odd, but not all odd numbers are prime. I like to consider primes and composite as an interlocking set since, from what I have come to observe, the distance between two primes is always an even number. (fact check?)

Many mathematicians and amateurs alike get sucked into a world of wonder, contemplating if there is one overarching pattern to these numbers, or if they could truly be random.

naiveTest is named after a formula which determines whether a number is prime or not, but this blog is not about prime numbers. This blog is about appreciating the surrounding world and all of it’s complex puzzles, no matter how infinitesimal.

And who am I?

I am an authority over my own soul.

I have a tender heart, and a keen whit.

I see things a little different than you might.





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