A letter from the past

The other day, I received a letter written by the 16 year old me in the mail. (Thank’s high school English teacher! You are amazing!) If I had to write back to myself, I would write two words, “Write more.”

All that aside, the day that we wrote these letters, we were asked to list some goals for life.

Mine included:

1. A gold medal in the Olympics for archery.


2. Open up “Kick-Ats Coffee” (Basically my dream coffee shop)

nyu 006

3. Complete school

4.Stay Healthy

5. Gain some proper companions.

6. Fluency in Japanese.


Well, 16 year old me…We graduated from college, we seem to be pretty healthy, and we seem to have some nice real life friends, even if we do need to put a little more work in on our end with communicating with them! I’m living in Japan right now, and getting ready to test for JLPT N3, we are by absolutely no means fluent, but we’re on the path…You got to visit Japan right after graduating from High School, and were ridiculously obsessed with the idea of getting back there. Once you dropped out of college, you completely forgot that dream…you know, because you need a degree to get a visa to go to live and work in Japan. So, you remember that time you memorized about 500 Kanji? Well, we’re re-hashing all of those, but it’s “easier” this time. It’s funny how you forgot that dream, and the coincidence of returning to Japan was a consequence of that SCIENCE degree that you took on to make it easier to get a job out of college doing NOTHING for your employment search in the US which consequentially caused you to REMEMBER a forgotten dream of entering the English teaching workforce…(and realize some other plans to keep you in for the long run.)

In University, you were on the varsity archery team. You didn’t do all that great. It’s ok, I forgive you. However, now you can casually pull out a bow and get a damn good grouping of arrows, so if we want to try for that gold medal at some point, it could be possible with some elbow grease.

As for the coffee shop…that might happen and it might not…You worked at one of your FAVORITE coffee shops right after college, and got a good taste for the work that would go into running a place…

OK that’s all for now. Cheerio.


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