Monthly Archives: September 2014

Straddling the Divides

It’s now past 3 AM and the moon is a red-rust sliver, concealed by clouds as it washes away with the remainder of the month. I step off of my jet black road bike for just a few seconds in the center of a Bridge crossing the Abukuma river just to let my mind rest, my senses refresh. I need to soak in the fact that Orion is in hunting pose and stare off into the unilluminated mountain lined river corridor. I need to listen to the resounding thunder of frogs and insects before I turn in for the night. As I begin to peddle again, the traffic picks up and a rush of trucks trek past.

The red temperature marquee flashes 13˚C and I have to believe that there is no better feeling than this one of straddling my bicycle as I straddle the seasons on the border of night and day. At night time the wind combs my hair and clears my mind. As I reach home, I pass contently into sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.GGIMG_8275rss

In the morning, the slight chill raises an ordinary cup of coffee to an extraordinary space of ritual. And as the sun sets again in vivid shades of purple, and pink I can cook with Kabocha squash, figs, cinnamon, and graham masala. This is the season I was born into.

I think part of my contentment has come as, I’ve watched my mind set shift. For once in my life, I don’t have itchy feet the same way that I did before. I might want to live one town over from where I am right now, but I don’t need to trek to another country or find a different or better city. The reason why, I’m not sure I can pin down. Maybe I’ve invested a lot in coming to this place, and I’m just now getting to the point where I feel brave enough to explore the local businesses. Maybe it’s because I know that places always become the most amazing when you are about to leave, and I am striking a satisfactory balance between living as if I’m leaving tomorrow and planning for the future. It feels as if I have decided that I want to settle in here for a while. That currently, my home brings great joy. That somehow, I know I am slowly learning to get by despite the infinite number of times I might be failing in very routine situations.