Monthly Archives: August 2013

Late Summer Archetype


Spending valuable hours of my life lured in by the lull of electric oracles. Reading useless and repetitive articles about the world. I hate the tangential simplicity my brain has been trained to turn to. How marketers have a map of if-then-else statements that attempt to predict and guide my behavior as an “average” user. Perhaps I am better off with books. The reading and writing.




Feeling humidity on the skin. A half brain dead hum of an input lull, the coming autumn, the raining season.




Time spent with humans is building, and the topography of the Electronic world squishes into a slightly flatter conformation. I have been restless for some time and wanderlust continues to whisper…Skipping from subject to subject, a rock skipping over the incoming tides of Eld Inlet. No bio-luminescence here, the search goes on. Perhaps the water has been too dynamic this year. A week or two ago, I sold a microscope to a woman who works in a marine lab that I’d attempted to intern with a year or two ago. She confided that I was probably better off having not been there…She had collected a sample of water from nearby shortly before arriving. An oddly homogenous collection of Ceratium, diamond shaped dinoflagellates. I could not help but notice the absence of Noctiluca.




My mind these days: processing the time that washes over my skin – coffee oils and dirt leave their residue one in the same. The busy mornings come in the shop, and I’m suddenly capable of looking up. The line out the door is no longer a problem, but a challenge to create mental space for. As I approach the register or the bar, I gently create that reassurance that I am not trying to blow through them or their order, “I am here now. You are here too. You matter.” Stress melts away with this approach.




Rushing down the mud/stone hills of the forest, dodging tree roots, I keep waking up to the fact that I need to relax. Over expended energy of the body, the balance between complete relaxation and not losing my bike. I can look up and name the plants that pass me by. The ragged star wands of late summer dandelion seed stalks, fireweed, dry meadow grasses. No longer just a tourist, still not a native. Awareness grows in a continuum to which there seems to be no topping out. Master small details and the big picture might follow. Get a big picture and the details make more sense.




The buzz and warm feel of a computer underhand, the occult of controlling this world just in the writing. “In the beginning was the word.” In the beginning was the code, and the code was glitched out and buggy, as time went on the code began to form into algorithms and self correcting intelligence called learning.




Humans learn. We build computers and other tools, often in hopes that it will work as a mirror to ourselves, an insight into the wiring of. How can we reverse engineer? How do we improve? In Japan, the word for teacher is sensei – “the one who lived before.” Observing a person who comes after you learning, that is perhaps even more enlightening.