Monthly Archives: March 2013


I have been a bit confused, disgruntled, out of place, unsure of how to communicate. Finding a resistance to writing, with the excuse that when I type- the space key on my auxiliary keyboard often gets lost and I have to go … Continue reading


The horizon pulls one long drought of sunlight into it. And, the world keeps spinning. Left in the cathedral of the great globe, darkness stands amongst many friends. Points of light that reference, “Sky,” “Passing cars,” “Apartments,” “forest pathway,” bend and distort as the … Continue reading

Where the sleep lets off

The sky, through my window is cloud marbled as the meat of a fat cow. In bed with eyes closed, I brought to mind the blaze of the milky-way, Orion hunting overhead. The heat system pumps in warm air. And it’s in this comfort I dream of the cold chill that comes from sleeping out there. How it’s different when it’s not in the house. How I’ve softened. How I’m sick. How I wake in the midst of the night chilled yet drenched in sweat.

How I am estranged from…How I am close to…

The tree frog chorus sings through the night and falls into silence. Ebbs and flows. How fortunate, that when I go walking here, I may cross the path of one of these great healers. How sad that now and then I might find one desiccated in my home.