It’s not such a small world after all

[I’d prefer if you listened to “The green grass grew all around” as you read this.]

First: Above you see a picture of miner’s lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata. I’ve always thought of the flower as white, so I was surprised to see how inattentive I’ve been to the little one! I’ve been working on a research project for my Biochemistry class, and it’s a lot of work for 4 credits, let me tell you. I’ve spent the past few weeks chipping away at journal articles on the nature of a tritrophic interaction between a virus, a fungus, and a plant (grass) in geothermally heated soil. It got me thinking about a song which I learned as a child, “The green grass grew all around.” The nature of the song is repetitive, and the value of this, besides driving in how much one thing is inherently connected to another is the memory mnemonic. When we are children it seems to be a common pattern to learn repetitive songs. And I am willing to guess this is because it instills a framework for learning within us. If we repeat something many many times and even have fun with it,  we will better be able to recall it.  So I was thinking what’s another song that might get pounded into your head if you’ve been raised on Disney? The lyrics as follows have a nice sentiment, but the only way I can agree with the statement that “it’s a small world” is by looking so intensely at the things around me and acknowledging how they are large compilations of particulates that are individually smaller than my naked eye could detect…but that really just makes me think that the world is larger than I could EVER comprehend.

“It’s a world of laughter, a world or tears its a world of hopes, its a world of fear there’s so much that we share that its time we’re aware its a small world after all its a small world after all … There is just one moon and one golden sun And a smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide And the oceans are wide It’s a small small world”

I believe that we as people have some basic shared emotions. I don’t think we all experience or deal with them in the same way. The idea that there is just one moon is a small world mindset which no one should believe. It’s like saying the earth is flat. There are MANY moons, they are just not so close to earth. When we smile in response to another smile it is a reflexive imitation of the smile that we just saw. This is a way that we can try on another persons skin and then make a decision on whether or not the face that was just flashed at us was legitimate or a cover up for some other emotion.

Are there any songs you’ve learned in childhood that have just stuck with you?


One response to “It’s not such a small world after all

  1. On an aside to the many moons, this is not just a physical thing but a temporal thing as well. Don’t you recall “many moons ago?”

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