What horrors lurk inside ye head

Saturday evening, a nightmare. My science program was very different than it is now, and I was working in a lab with a number of my classmates quite contently. One of the young women in my program who I did not know the name of enters and approaches me. “Test, I want to talk to you, because I heard you were having pains in your side too…Look, I’m having problems with (one of my internal organs) and I need to get it cut out right now. I went to the emergency room and they said they can’t admit me…Will you take me to the other hospital?” We depart from the lab right away, and we happen to be located in the hospital that turned her away. I’m leading her down a set of stairs when she says that she feels faint.

“Put your hands on my shoulders and follow me,” I say. I realize that I have no shoes on, only socks on slick tile steps as she collapses onto my back. My feet almost slip out from beneath me, as she is a considerably larger person than I. I manage to reach the end of the flight without falling down. I scoop her into my arms and begin carrying her to the emergency room that had turned her away before, because time is precious here. There are nurses in the hall who I call out to for help, but they never hear a word. Perhaps my lab coat makes it look like things are under control.

As I enter the emergency room, I talk to intake right away. There is a long line of gaunt looking humans waiting for admission. “You turned her away earlier. She’s in dire straights now. She needs a doctor right away.”

The nurse just looks at me and says, “We’re too busy. We can’t take her here. We turned her away earlier for a reason.”

As I turn to walk away, I realize that I don’t have my car and the only way I could get her to the next hospital is by bus…but she’s fading quick. I take the elevator back up to my lab to pull the help of other classmates. But really she’s already dead, so I do something like saw her body off to reduce the weight and find myself carrying her death mask and a cloak where her body would have been. When I return to my classmates they are all like, “Well she’s already dead and her body is missing. There isn’t much we can do.”


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