Going to Seed

How often do you look at a blade of grass and comment on how beautiful the flowers are? Do you even notice the flowers? Is this even grass or is it a sedge? In the above photo you may notice stigma and some of those stigma are holding onto grains of pollen. (You may also notice some errors in focus, I’m sorry this is a montage of roughly 20 different photos.) Had I not killed this grass to take a picture of it, a seed would eventually be formed. To be honest, I’ve never payed much mind to grass in flower. It truly is breathtaking to think of this structure and it’s intricate/elegant function. How rare it is to stop and look!

So today was a special day. Besides the fact that I had a chunk of time to play around with a nifty microscope. I also got to learn a little about this school’s faculty recruiting process. Thai food dinner with a select few lovers of literature was gorgeous and inspiring. It made me ask, “Where has all my writing gone?”

Don’t get me wrong, I regret none of my kaleidoscopic life experiences.

(Where have all the flowers gone?)


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