Washing Away Wonder

水に流す, mizu ni nagasu, wash away in water.

A turn of phase in the Japanese language which is often likened to the English saying “water under the bridge”. On the surface, these two phrases may seem similar, they talk of the same subject, Water.  “Water under the bridge”, however, implies that perhaps you are standing over a body of water. You are observing from a higher vantage point something that is a (likely) comfortable distance from getting you wet.

“mizu ni nagasu” is dramatically different. There are many ways in which water could physically manifest itself here, it is not confined to one locality…perhaps you are setting something out to drift on a strong current, or you are using the word water as a euphemism for tears. Perhaps you are using water to clean.

What are your thoughts?

I refer you to Kristen Allen Zito, Open up.


One response to “Washing Away Wonder

  1. I see an acceptance of the inevitability of tides, currents, and concurrences of cause and condition. Ten thousand-year hindsight of the waxing and waning of fortune both personal and dynastic…

    Or, perhaps, it’s a simple comment on the nature of waves, and present conditions bound for change!

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