A Title Of Awe

My photos, in dim light are impressionist era paintings. Bodies climbing, falling, dancing under the low light. These images don’t seem to transfer to large lenses and bizarre aperture values. Years ago, when I had moved to Western Washington for the first time, I put away my fancy camera and forgot how to use it. “The rain,” I thought, “would surely destroy the electronics.” As a compromise, I promised to learn to write in a manner more vivid than any photo I could capture. The reaches of my attention were to be expanded so that I may fully appreciate a moment above one static image. I’ve moved many miles about this country since then.  I can’t say weather or not that promise has held true.

After learning more today about cloning, the applications of embryonic stem cells, the potential use of mushrooms for synthesizing important pharmaceuticals, how wood growing fungi snare nematode worms to consume their Nitrogen… after contemplating the remarkable chemical reactions that humans catalyze just by chewing on a piece of broccoli, hell, even just by living. I went out to behold the world for the evening. Three events later…

-tense shift-

The sound of my patella popping as I push into my bicycle petals is unnerving only for an instant. Two clicks and I’m alright. I’m supposed to be healing, but where is the “use it or lose it” line drawn? I could do one whole pull up today, an improvement upon one week or so ago. Water is falling from the sky, kissing my thighs, soaking into my coat. I feel a rain droplet hit my lip, the bridge of my nose, my left cheek. My dress flaps about in the 3AM air that I rush by, a feeling of utter content with the rain.

You would’t even hear a ghost whisper along the main street of this town. All that is left over at this hour is my Breath, a Bicycle chain whirring, my Spider mind pulling strands of the day together.

Closing in on my living quarters, the sound of rain bouncing off of carports is an amplified reverberation. Water flowing into the drainage proves an underground river. I circle and circle around the parking lot until utterly dizzy and then zoom on past my home to admire the lake, the rain, the night.


2 responses to “A Title Of Awe

  1. Beautiful as always T’Jen! 😀

    • Thanks Will! By the way, I had the impression that you were on Blogger…but then basically after the first visit or two I made that one disappeared. Did you relocate your blog or am I just crazy?

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