Sabotage and Science

Today, being a snow day, was spent in a combination of studying and slacking. In the process of looking for free e-books to read on fungi, I found a short manuscript called “Simple Sabotage Field Manuel”. This was published by the US Office of Strategic Services back in 1944 and discusses simple ideas for citizen subversion in enemy territory.

This, I may not have found noteworthy to blog about by itself, but alas, my professor found time to share with the class some memes which have root in the history of the 40’s and relevancy to today’s latest news on copyright law. Imagine, all this while setting us up for laboratory practice in molecular biology!

The above video is a scene from Downfall, a 2004 film, which I probably have never seen. In the memes which my professor shared, the subtitles are amusingly rewritten with relevancy to class content. Watching the original, however, took me back to high school. I was in a class called “Facing History and Ourselves” a year long survey of the Holocaust. We watched numerous films full of Nazi propaganda, and annalyzed them, read books such as Night andInto That Darkness, and integrated current events into our curriculum to examine the phenomenon of “bystanderism”, the act of standing aside and allowing an event which we oppose to occur while we watch.

It’s Funnyhow these neurons fire together, isn’t it?


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