Night Ride

As I carry my bike down the steps from my second floor apartment, the full moon light brushes my cheeks in silver. A soft atmospheric pressure change envelops my body. The night murmurs an ambient tone giving voice to this small city. The sky is clear for this one moment of awe and my mind is walking along a tightrope close to sleep.

As I glide through the parking lot onto the street I revel in the feel of my sore thighs, overworked abs, and aching shoulders. This is the proof that today I worked towards the closest thing I know to flight. The vertical climb of fabrics, horizontal occupation of the trapeze, and the rough hold of the rope were all embraced. Just so, the breeze on my face is proof that I am traveling through space much faster than I could ever walk.

I wonder about the year ahead of me, all of the possible futures, standing silently by the urgency of now.


2 responses to “Night Ride

  1. You are a beautiful writer. Every post like poetry.

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